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Pregnant mom of 10 says husband wants 22 kids

A 30-year-old mother with 10 kids says her husband wants more children. The woman from Kakamega in Kenya is pregnant with her 11th child. She said her husband wants 22 children.

She said he believed having few kids made one a laughing stock in their village.

Tuko, a local publication, reports that the woman identified as Gentrix Wekesa gives birth to these children every year.

“As soon as I start getting my menstruation, I get another child. My youngest is yet to be a year old,” she said.

Wekesa told the publication her husband refused to use any contraceptive methods due to tradition.

She said she was overwhelmed by the burden of taking care of the children.

“It got to a point that one of the kids dropped out of school at class seven because they kept sending him back home because of school fees or uniform, and I did not know what to do. The second-born, too, has dropped out of school,” Wekesa.

The determined husband, Anthony Wekesa whose age is not identified, said he wants more children so they can help him in future.

“As long as she gives me the number of children that I want. They should be 22 kids,” he said.

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