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Oparanya militia terrorizing Matungu residents – Musalia Mudavadi


Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi says it is the high time governor Wycliffe Oparanya is cited by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) for promoting violence and for gross misuse of Kakamega County resources in Matungu by-election campaigns.

In a statement Sunday by his spokesperson Kibisu Kabatesi, Mudavadi says it has been known initially that the governor was diverting public funds to bribe voters in Matungu.

“When this act which is against the election code of conduct failed to make an impact, the governor resorted to deploying county workers as campaigners in Matungu. Those who resisted have been summarily suspended or dismissed. This misappropriation of county resources should be halted before Kakamega County coffers run dry.” Said Mudavadi.

“On Saturday, the opulence of impunity in deploying goons dressed as county enforcement officers to harass mourners at funerals, was on full display. He had planned to cause chaos at the burial of the Banyala Clan patriarch Justus Ndombi, in Navakholo constituency upon the arrival of Amani National Congress(ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi. This potentially bloody scheme was thwarted after the Ndombi family intervened to have Oparanya speak and leave the venue before Mudavadi’s convoy arrived.” Said Kabatesi.

Kabatesi noted that from Navakholo, the violence scheme was exported to Matungu at the funeral of Seraphine Pasi, the mother of a local politician at Matungu centre.

Here, he said mourners were clobbered senseless for refusing to listen to Oparanya.

The governors’ goons who are armed to the teeth with para-military ware and rungus, bayed for mourners’ blood in, again, a failed attempt to coarse them into listening to monologues by the Governor. Several people were fatally injured for which Oparanya should be accountable.” Said Mudavadi
The ANC leader said the militia is transported using county government vehicles.

“But if authorities in Machakos could confiscate Machakos County vehicles on a campaign trail, why are authorities in Kakamega allowing the formation of a militia and free use of Kakamega County workers and vehicles in the Matungu? Is Oparanya above the law? Is IEBC alert to these electoral transgressions? He asked

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