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Five Kenyan female artists you should watch out for in 2021

Kenyan female artists

In 2020, many Kenyan female artists really brought their A-game never mind the fact that we were all dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic that has so far caused 1,716 deaths with 98,432 cases being reported in Kenya.

Although the entertainment scene would suffer the most due to cancellation of shows, artists -especially female ones – took their time to make new music and drop hot collabos.

In my opinion, 2021 will not be any different. I feel we’ll continue to see local female artists pushing the boundaries and treating their fans to beautiful music.

As such, I decided to do a list of Kenyan female artists that you should watch out for this year because they will keep doing great things. Here is the list in no particular order.

1. Nadia Mukami

She had a great year in 2020 and because we all know what a hard worker she is, we expect this year to even be better.

Nadia Mukami

2. Ssaru

Admittedly, she is one of my favourite Kenyan female musicians. This lass is barely two years old in the local music industry but she is doing great things.

Sylvia Saru aka Ssaru

3. Tanasha Donna

Say what you want about Diamond Platnumz ex bae but I feel in 2021 people will come to accept that she is actually talented and more than just a pretty face.

Tanasha Donna

4. Jovial

Despite releasing some of the biggest songs in the country in the last year and having collaborated with some of the biggest artists around, I feel like Jovial has not had her big break yet. Believe you me, 2020 is hers!


5. Fena Gitu

We all know how hard working the phenomenal woman is and I strongly feel that one, maybe two or three, of the bangers that will get a lot of airplay this year, will be hers. I mean, why not?

Fena Gitu

In other news – Azziad Nasenya slammed for using too much filters on her photos

Instagram sensation Azziad Nasenya has come under attack for using excessive filters on her photos to fool her fans that she is light-skinned.

Azziad Nasenya

Taking to Instagram, Steve Muriuki, a popular social media personality, and meme lord, claimed that the 20-year-old journalism student is only light-skinned when she uses her phone to take photos of her. Learn More

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