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American singer Madonna visits Kenya


American Popstar Madonna visited Kenya over the weekend joining a growing list of US celebrities who have visited the country amid Covid-19 travel warnings by their country.

Madonna traveled to Samburu and Baringo counties where she spent time with members of the Samburu and Pokot communities.


Sharing the videos on her Instagram page, the popular musician, actress, and songwriter wrote, “Visiting the Pokot Tribe in the Baringo Valley was a special moment for all of us. They invited us to dance with them and shared their daily prayer of thanks.”

Madonna previously also toured Malawi, where she opened a dance academy through her charity organization Raising Malawi.

The pop star has six children, four of whom are adopted from Malawi.

In 2016, the Material Girl singer was reduced to tears during a trip to Kenya as she listened to a man describe how his five-year-old daughter had recently been raped by a neighbor in Nairobi’s Kibra slum.

She met the man during her visit to Kibra, where she had gone to see how she could help improve the lives of the residents, according to her spokesman.

The visit comes a month after US RnB sensation Ashanti took a trip to Kenya, just days after America’s CDC issued a travel advisory on Kenya citing an increased risk of contracting Covid-19.


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