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Kelly Khumalo Supports Zodwa Wabantu’s Chicken Business

kelly Khumalo

Since the country is currently under lockdown level 3, many of our artists are looking for many ways to make ends meet. Performing artists, like Zodwa Wabantu cannot make their money the usual way of performing and rocking crowds because large gatherings are barred in the country.

These efforts to curb the spread of the Coronavirus were implemented by Government.

Zodwa Wabantu earned her title as an entrepreneur since her rise to stardom by starting her own fragrance line Last year, which consists of two perfumes – Touchable Day and Touchable Night.

The reality TV star launched the perfumes under her company Zodwa Beauty, showing all of Mzansi she is more than just a dancer and socialite. Under her line, she then added Wabantu Lipstick and Zodwa Wabantu Petroleum jelly.

Kelly Khumalo

The businesswoman and socialite was well within her bag when she decided to take a leap of faith by recently moving to the City Of Gold. This big move proved to be a very smart one as she managed to open Zodwa Wabantu Eggs.

Zodwa shared a video of herself captioned with, “I’m Moving to Johannesburg for Good. Welcome me with Businesses & Money”. In the video itself, she went on explain that the main thing she is after is money, and encourages all of her fans to put their best foot forward, and afford her with opportunities to secure the bag. She said, “Please welcome me with businesses, bookings and any opportunity to make me a hustler, a better person and going after money. I am moving to Joburg and I am after money.”

One of her biggest cheerleaders Kelly Khumalo decided to show her fellow entertainer some love by supporting her business. Zodwa posted a video of the songstress purchasing one of her stock. Thanking her for the support, Zodwa then presents Kelly Khumalo with a bouquet of flowers. “Legend, Starring ,Bozza, her vocal highness supports Local Business,” Zodwa captioned her post.

In the video Zodwa appreciates Kelly for supporting her as she will be able to pay her bills, now that she will not be able to tour the country. Apart from selling chicken, Zodwa also sells eggs as well.

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Chicco Twala

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Source: News365