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Watch: Shakilla and Shazzy in fist fight during Eric Omondi’s Wife Material reality show


Shakilla queen of the streets just met her match called Bebe Shazzy!

Yes, this time around Shakilla might just need to burry her claws as the girls who featured on Eric Omondi’s reality show are just as bad as she is. This has been proven by a clip shared by Eric Omondi, where Shakilla and Shazzy are seen engaging in a small physical fight following a [email protected] argument.

From the video, all we could hear is the ladies arguing about the size of their [email protected]; and just when we thought the argument was harmless – they both went from zero to a hundred real quick. Shazzy who is also hot and quite confident is seen facing up to the queen of the streets before they put their hands on each other.

Unfortunately both Eric and content creator Eddie Butita intervened before things got serious. Trust me, judging from Shakilla’s body language – this specific part was not staged in anyway!

Well, turns out that we are not the only ones who feel that Shakilla just met her match; and if anything, this is what fans have been dying to see.

Although we don’t encourage or support violence; it appears that Eric Omondi’s fans prefer watching a lit show (like the video below) just to keep things interesting. Below are a few comments from fans;

essienyambura; 😂😂😂shakilla amepanguzwa usoo

amwai_brian; 😂😂😂 kumeanza kuwaka

katanugrace2018; 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hii series ni moto

thee_hershy;_ Ni Mimi ndio nimeona ama Shakilla amepigwa sura ya elephant 😂😂

bedanbido; 😂😂😂Huyu shark baby anasema nn