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DP William Ruto defends his fresh proposal on BBI


Deputy president William Ruto has defended his fresh proposal on BBI, saying his team is not being belligerent but reasonable.

Saying the issues raised by his team are not cast in stone, the DP said if they can be persuaded that any of the matters can be dropped, he has not problem.

” As the deputy president I have a duty to assist the president to ensure this country is not divided,” Ruto said.

He said the four issues he raised on Wednesday are just a contribution from the Tangatanga group and not conditions.

The DP refused to speak straight to the questions on whether he decide not to participate in the referendum if their issues are not addressed.

“Let us agree if we need to hold an election now or we hold it with the 2022 general election, that is a proposal we are making,” Ruto said.

” What we are asking for is why can’t we have Judicial Service Commission to nominate ombudsman approved by Senate and appointed by the president so that they don’t see someone is parachuted to them,” Ruto said.

He said he will use the channels available to them to hammer a deal that will ensure the country remained united even with a referendum now or in 2022.

“Even if people say the bus has left the station and the doors have been shut….left the station for where?’ Ruto asked.

He said he does not have also any problem with the 70 constituencies because it will enhance representation through election.

“IEBC should be allowed to vary by at least 20 per cent to accommodate expansive constituencies,” Ruto said.

He maintained that women should be brought to the National Assembly to get an opportunity to be nominated to the cabinet and to sit in the House where serious national business take place.