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Nairobi’s most popular meeting spots

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Nairobi is known for its appeal in both business and social sense, something that makes it ideal for most Kenyans who visit the capital.

It’s not uncommon to meetup with a friend, relative or business partners in Nairobi – a city which serves as Kenya’s commercial, social and administrative center.

Lets take a look at some of the most common public meetup points in Nairobi, and the history behind them.

Afya Centre

Located along Tom Mboya Street, the base of 21-story high-rise building is one of the most preferred meet up points among many Nairobi folk.

Since it is adjacent to the Nairobi bus station, thousands of commuters link up every day by either boarding or alighting from public service vehicles.

Furthermore, the building is not hard to miss due to its iconic green painting. This along with the huge human and vehicle traffic around the building could to large extent be the reason behind why a good number of Kenyans prefer it as a meeting point.

Uhuru Park

The 12.9 hectare recreational park is a prime spot for meetups due to its close proximity to the CBD. During weekends and holidays, it provides the perfect ambience for couples to kill time or for parents to enjoy an occasional day out with the children.

The spot is also prone to job seekers who flock in search of jobs as well as a perfect hideout for sections of Nairobians who take a quick nap during the afternoon.

Kenya Cinema

Located along one of the busiest streets in Nairobi, the venue is one of the most famous buildings in Kenya.

The plaza is only five minutes away from the Kenya National Archives hence easily accessible.

It hosts cinemas, offices and shops hence is particularly popular among the youths who are known to be regular patrons of the various business ventures along the area. Kenyans love to meet just outside of Kenya Cinema. The tradition started back in the day when cinema was still cinema.


The Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC) has over time proved to be an ideal meeting spot for many.

Located at the heart of Nairobi CBD, the aesthetic nature of the building makes it stand out among other buildings.

The simple solid shapes- cuboids which make up the Plenary hall at the top combined with the fact that the building is among the tallest buildings in Nairobi hence many people can access this spot from various destinations.

Kenya National Archives

One of the iconic buildings at the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), it’s emphatic to see why the venue is a preferable spot for many.

Dating back to the 1960s, the building serves as an access point from Tom Mboya street, Moi Avenue street and just a few feet away from the Kencom Bus Stage.

The venue is particularly popular with crowds emanating from various places. Furthermore, the place is prone to Hawkers and traders selling their products, street pastors spreading the word and Kenyans alighting from various stages.

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