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More trouble for Bobi Wine


Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, famously known as Bobi Wine, is in the news yet again.

After his release from detainment which caused a deadly riot in Kampala, Bobi was on November 26 kicked out of a local radio station like a stray goat.

Bobi was only 5 minutes into his interview at Spice FM which is based in the town of Bunyoro when he was abruptly stopped from addressing his supporters. The station manager showed him the door immediately. He said that Bobi was not even supposed to be at the radio station and therefore had to leave.

Bobi is running for the presidency of Uganda against incumbent president Yoweri Museveni who has been in power for more than 30 years. The latest incident leaves many Ugandans wondering whether Museveni had anything to do with Bobi getting thrown out of the radio station.

Last week, Bobi Wine’s arrest sparked nationwide riots in demand for his immediate release. The Uganda police and army responded with live bullets killing more than 40 Ugandans country-wide. 577 people were arrested during the protests. Upon Bobi’s release, a memorial was held at his party’s National Unity Platform (NUP) headquarters in honor of the lost lives.

This radio interview was an attempt by Bobi to compensate for the unsuccessful campaigns that were failed by the police last Wednesday (November 18) in Kibaale District, in the Western part of Uganda.

During a televised interview with NTV, Bobi noted that as they tried to access the rally grounds in Kibaale, security officers cocked their guns ready to shoot them, “Yesterday when we tried to access our rally grounds in Kibaale, security officers cocked guns and asked us to leave. We didn’t want to create a scene so we left,” said Bobi.

He also added that efforts to get help from the Uganda Electoral Commission were all in vain. ” We have written protest notes to the EC. I have spoken to Justice Byabakama on the phone and he continues to trade ignorance,” said Bobi Wine.

Bobi is not new to the subject of oppression by the state operatives, he has had a fair share of state harassment and intimidation right from the time he made public his ambition to run for the presidency.

Recently as he traversed the Eastern parts of Uganda in his bid for the presidency, he was arrested in Luuka in Iganga District where he was supposed to hold his rally. He was charged with intent to spread the Covid 19 by not adhering to the standard operating (SOPs) procedures that were put in place by the Electoral Commission for every candidate to follow during their campaign.