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Kabi Wa Jesus not impressed with wifey’s new face beat – Watch

Kabi and Milly waJesus

Popular YouTuber Kabi is one man who loves his woman with makeup, a guy who literally can tell when something is amiss with a lady’s makeup and out rightly says it as it is.

His wife and mother to his child, Milly has always brought in her A-game with makeup, something Kabi has easily identified with over time and can tell when she is struggling to grab attention.

So it is Sunday and the couple is getting ready to head to church but Milly is on a different agenda.

Tables turn
She gets up pretty early to decide which new makeup style she will embrace, intentionally to see her husband’s reaction.

As Kabi cleans up and gets dressed, Milly who has been ‘hiding’ in the kitchen all the while, tries to find a way to keep her husband busy and off her space so that she can have the room all to herself.

She succeeds and that is where the drama begins.

Milly does her makeup routine as usual, keeping it simple before she goes all in with an extra finish.

The problem is not even her new style but how she does it. She gets on some blush on her cheeks with a conspicuous color and lets her lipstick all shouting red.

Then Kabi suddenly walks in and feels like taking off.

“Umejipaka nini unakaa funny? Mablushes ni za nini?” he questions.

Milly on the other hand who is confident about how she looks dismisses her husband and asks him to instead fix something on her top.

“Umejiangalia? Na hizo eyebrows…Toa tu hizo vitu umejipaka, why are you doing that? ” Kabi does not understand what mood his wife has woken up with that day.

Milly on the other hand says she likes it that way and does not see anything wrong with it.

“Unakaa funny. Inafanya ukae mmama mnono,” Kabi speaks his mind, leaving Milly feeling utterly disrespected and abused.

“Sasa umeanza kunitusi nakaa mnono?” Milly fires back. Watch;