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Ringtone reveals how he got his wealth

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Self-proclaimed chairperson of the gospel industry Ringtone Apoko, may have just exposed how he got his wealth.

Ringtone has revealed that his desire to be wealthy, drive good cars and lead a successful life nearly saw him get a sugar mummy.

The gospel singer came from a humble background. He used to live in a mud house with his late grandmother after his parents passed away. Most of his childhood he had no clothes nor shoes. His dream was to live in a cemented house and have an expensive shoe collection.

The young man had a dream but had no way out of poverty or a way of achieving his dreams.

During his exclusive interview on Full Circle with Joyce, Ringtone admitted;

“I first went to Mombasa at age 14, to find a good life. I was told in Mombasa, there are older Mzungu women who marry young African men.”

The gospel star, admitted his only goal for going to Mombasa was to get an old rich white lady who would buy him cars and take him abroad.

“Nilienda Mombasa kwa beach kutafuta mshosho Mzungu anibuyie gari, anipandishe ndege. Anifanye niishi kwa nyumba cemented, anifanye tu nikuwe msee kasonko.”

He arrived in Mombasa and headed straight for the beach. There he found a man and he asked him to help in finding a rich white lady for him to marry. A twist of events happened while he was there. The man he sort help from asked him why he wanted to marry an old woman with money at his young age. Ringtone told him his story and the reason for his visit.

The man asked him to give his life to Christ instead of chasing vanity. Ringtone was reluctant at first but the man who became a good Samaritan to him pleaded with him to give Jesus a try.

The singer said;

“I told the man that the Jesus I have heard about is fake. But he convinced me to give it a try and that is how I started cleaning church pews in Makupa and went to high school where I started gospel music.”

Ringtone has had his shares of controversy, but one thing that is for sure is that he can write good music and he can sing. His gospel songs always hit number one on the gospel charts. His talent has seen him achieve all his dreams. He has in deed come a mighty long way.

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