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Victoria Kimani’s pics setting very dangerous thirst traps


We still have a few weeks left in this short rainy season, the sun is playing hide and seek, and there isn’t a single reason to be hot and thirsty in this weather. That’s until you fall into the trap that is Victoria Kimani’s Instagram.

Her thirst traps are dangerous. They’re dangerous because she leaves very little for the imagination.

Just check out this latest post where we’ve got the sassy singer cooking up some legs, thighs and tons of [email protected] in a stunning remake of a Renaissance-era portrait.

Victoria KimaniThe Nigeria-based Afropop singer showed why she was the perfect African diva for the New York cosmetic giant Maybelline, who tapped her for a major endorsement deal, with this royal look.

Victoria is probably the biggest, female, Kenyan name in music and like the boss that she is, she proves that she can pull off royalty in multiple cultural languages too.

The stunning singer is currently riding high on the success of her latest single Say Less, and how perfect is that because that’s exactly what she does with her IG. Less talk, and more Victoria.

Victoria KimaniThe American-born Kenyan says she knew she wanted to be a singer at 14. For her music she has travelled the world working with top artists and producers. And here she is bringing more heat with Baba Lao himself, Diamond Platnumz.

Victoria Kimani and DiamondHere is Vicky showing off that beach glow in a limited edition bik!ni.

And here, she proves that the current weather is not the only thing that is blue.

Temperatures are hopefully going to start going up soon, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on these s.e.x.y shoots from Victoria Kimani’s ever-blazing IG and figure out whether you can turn the final days of the cold season into a hot summer of your own.