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Eric Omondi’s well chiseled body almost ruined Carolina Carlz’s marriage


At this rate Eric Omondi might just be the new King Mswati thanks to the number of women eyeing him; especially now that he has a new body – turning heads on social media. Also don’t be fooled, it’s not just the body that is giving most of female followers sleepless nighst; but also his ‘package’ which he has been parading all over!

Can’t say that we have had enough of the boxer photos – because I’d be lying; but truth is Eric Omondi is causing trouble out here. Just recently, a media personality by the name of Carolina Carlz was forced to issue an apology to her hubby after he came across a video of her drooling over the comedian’s body as seen on IG.

Although this video was for laughs and giggles; Carolina Carlz husband made it look so serious with his comment where he wrote;

Whats this supposed to mean? After everything I have done for you! Who is @EricOmondi?

With such a comment, I bet Carolina’s heart skipped a beat; but it’s never that serious. The young yummy mummy fixed this situation with an apology and a bribe – but oh well, it is life.

Eric Omondi
Having come across the many stories claiming he almost ruined a marriage; Eric has now decided to respond to the allegations and as usual he made fun by asking men to keep away their women. He unapologetically wrote;

I told you to hide them to avoid this many apologies…Hamskii. Leo naenda tao so msikubalie madem wenyu wakuje tao juu they cant help it and you cant blame them. JUST HIDE THEM!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️