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The Bushiris could be dragged back to South Africa ‘very soon’


The South African Government released an official statement on Sunday, in reference to the Bushiris and their escape from the country. Both Mary and Shepherd are subject to a R100 million fraud case – but managed to flee home to Malawi at some point over the last few days. Their break for freedom could well be short-lived, though…

The millionaire pastor and his partner successfully evaded capture as they crossed the border – despite not being in possession of their passports as part of their strict bail restrictions. The pair both hail from Malawi originally, and this dramatic dash out of SA coincided with a diplomatic visit from Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera.

Over the weekend, rumours surfaced that Chakwera was involved in getting the Bushiris out of South Africa as his delegation flew back home. These allegations have been categorically rejected by both nations, however.

Phumla Williams has since revealed that South Africa and Malawi do indeed have an extradition treaty in place. The ANC has already initiated the process to secure the Bushiris’ return to our shores, so they can face the remainder of their trial. Although this is likely to speed up the process dramatically, Williams did not put a timescale on the process.

“Government is able to confirm that fugitives Mr. Shepherd Bushiri and Mrs. Mary Bushiri did not leave South Africa aboard the flight on which President Lazarus Chakwera and his delegation travelled. Department of Home Affairs immigration officials verified the identities of all passengers – and Mr. and Mrs. Bushiri were not on the flight.”

“South Africa has initiated a process to secure their extradition from Malawi in terms of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Extradition and other legal instruments, to which Malawi is a signatory.”
-Phumla Williams, statement on behalf of the SA government