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Harmonize Fails To Pay His Employee For Several Months


Kwangwaru hitmaker and one of Tanzanian’s biggest musicians Rajabu Abdul, known to many as Harmonize is in a new scandal after one of his workers came out to accuse him of failing to pay him his salary for about seven months.

The Konde Gang CEO’s shamba boy was forced to disclose the well kept secret after he could not take care of his family, all because of salary delay. The shamba boy who also doubles up as the security man for the singer’s yet to be completed mansion in Mivumoni, Madale, in the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam, was forced to publicly expose the singer after numerous attempts to privately clear the matter.

According to Global Publishers, Harmonize’s worker who sought anonymity, said the musician is unfair to him.

Harmonize’s worker said;

It is true Harmonize has not paid me in the past seven months. He has not paid me all that while but I have not resigned, I still work for him. He should know that I have children who need fees and a roof over their head.

According to the worker, Harmonize picked up countless projects just to prove people wrong which are now stuck because of lack of money.

These kids want to do things to prove other people wrong yet in reality, they cannot manage whatever ventures they pick. Harmonize does not have any other house apart from this Madale one and construction has stopped.

The worker revealed.

Global Publishers reported that the worker pleaded with them to ensure the report gets to Harmonize.

This came as quite a surprise to many since the crooner had landed investors who were going to take his music career to the next level after parting ways with Diamond’s label. To prove he had left WCB with a bang, Harmonize paid his former label millions of shillings to cancel their contract, bought a mansion to act as Konde Gang Headquarters and even signed a couple of artists to his newly formed outfit.

Recently the star made headlines after releasing his new music video dubbed Ushamba. The song was purported to be a dis to his former boss Diamond Platinumz.

With all the wealth he is throwing around, fans are in wonder as to how he cannot pay his workers.