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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Video: Ginimbi finally laid to rest

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Emotions ran high as the socialite Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was finally laid to rest in his homestead of Domboshava after a week of mourning him. The socialite was mourned in a way that will go down in the lines of history.

He nearly brought the whole of Harare to a stand-still. Ginimbi was mourned like a hero although he was not a political one. Died a painful death after being involved in an accident in his Rolls Royce with 3 other friends including fitness bunny Moana.

It was an emotional send-off for the businessman and socialite.

With friends and family, all present as his coffin was rolled down into his grave. Watch the video below:

Also in other news;

Ginimbi body viewing – Pics

Events taking place at Domboshava as people prepare to bury Genius Kadungure who died on Sunday morning after being involved in an accident.

Now people are currently doing a body viewing at his residence and this is the only public body viewing and we think probably the last one before he is buried. Learn more

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