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Size 8 celebrates son’s 1st birthday


Size 8 and husband DJ Mo have been making headlines for the wrong reasons; but just when we thought things were getting out of hand the two ended up proving many wrong.

However what many know is that they are not as perfect as they always portrayed themselves on social media; and thanks to DJ Mo’s cheating scandal, at least their married fans know that each and every marriage faces some challenges here and there.

In the midst of all the drama, they somehow managed to pull out stronger and judging from their social media pages everything now seems to be back to normal.

For those who remember well; there is a good reason as to why Size 8 refers to her son, Muraya Junior as her miracle. This is because she went through all sorts of challenges including battling with her blood pressure when she was pregnant with him.

According to Size 8 she wasn’t so sure as to whether her baby would make it; but thanks to her prayers Muraya Junior was born and has been growing up as a healthy baby boy.

On Thursday, 12 November the Muraya celebrated their son’s first birthday in a low key event: that saw family and friends attend. As seen on Size 8’s page, the couple treated the young ones to a pool party which was later moved to a more private area at the PrideInn hotel.

Below are a few photos and videos from the low key party.