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Watch: Hearse carrying Ginimbi’s body involved in an accident


An online news source has reported that the Doves Funeral Services hearse that was carrying the late businessman, Genius Kadungure, (Ginimbi’s) body to his Domboshawa mansion was involved in an accident forcing the company to move the coffin into another vehicle.

Doves had earlier posted on its social media platforms celebrating their latest acquisition, a Mercedes Benz hearse which they unveiled yesterday at Ginimbi’s funeral.

“Showcasing state of the art hearse (Pilato Hearse) the first Pilato hearse in Zimbabwe introduced at #ginimbisendoff home-going,” reads Doves’ post on Facebook. According to Techmag TV, the new hearse was hit by a kombi which disappeared from the scene after taking advantage of the fact that it was already at night.

The brand new Mercedes benz Hearse which was carrying Ginimbi’s body was crushed by a Kombi, damaging its front left suspension, they had to change the coffin to another hearse so the funeral proceeds,” Techmag TV reported.

Strange things keep happening as just recently his Ferrari caught fire while hi sbrother was driving it to the memorial.

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