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Hater leaves scratch marks on Khaligraph’s sleek Range Rover


There is this character of individuals who wait for the opportune time, when it favors them most and favors you least, to strike back at you.

The situations vary with the most recent victim being Kenyan celebrity rapper, Khaligraph Jones.

So what happens, Khaligraph drives to a place in his sleek, red, British Range Rover beast, parks it and walks away only to come back minutes later to find that his attackers were in the vicinity.

Nothing much happened but however minor it seemed, left the rapper irritated and throwing around all sorts of curse words to whoever is responsible.

The streets are not safe, that is what the majority of Kenyans have had to learn the hard way and for Khaligraph, he was seconds away from blowing a fuse.

So this unknown fellar stopped by and decided to scratch through the metal of the driver’s door side, leaving behind conspicuous, uneven marks on the red beast that clearly irritated the father of two.

“Manze, haters, why the f* would you do this to the Range? Who the f* did this? Mahater…” the rapper raged.