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Ginimbi’s Versace coffin revealed


Yesterday pictures of Ginimbi’s alleged coffin flooded social media with so many crazy theories behind it. Some even claimed the socialite had bought the coffin a week before the tragic accident happened.

With all these rumours going on, Ginimbi’s family was forced to reveal the original and official casket for Ginimbi’s corpse. Check the pictures below…

Word on the street is that Ginimbi had bought his personal coffin a week before this tragedy struck. It is being said that in one of his spare bedrooms a coffin was found which he had bought for himself.

Ginimbi died yesterday after being involved in a horrific accident which also claimed the lives of three other people including the popular Harare fitness bunny and Video Vixen babe Mitchelle Amuli is popularly known as Moana.

The accident took place in Borrowdale and both victims died on the spot. However, rumours are that his father Mr Kadungure is not seeming saddened at all by the death of his son. Some are even saying he is actually happy.

Ginimbi’s funeral is set to commence on Thursday and he will be buried on Saturday.