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Bahati and Weezdom’s relationship questioned after their intimate chats leak


No lie, Weezdom and Bahati have come a long way, for as long they have known each other, they have had each other’s backs.

But there comes a time when the line needs to be drawn.

The two, have their better halfs, but a series of their intimate chats that have surfaced, have left masses questioning their intentions.

Just to take you back, during Diana Marua’s flashy birthday event at Maiyan, Nanyuki, Bahati disclosed that there is a time he took in so many orphaned children under his care, to the extent that Weezdom became his houseboy.

Fast forward, today, every event be it a video shoot or an invite-only event the Bahatis host, Weezdom is ever present.

Weezdom even admitted that Bahati frequents his place at Kimbo to the extent that his neighbors do not doubt their relationship.

Well now, the two have raised eyebrows after a series of intimate chats between them went viral.

Bahati starts off the conversation, publicly professing his undying love for Weezdom, promising a bond that might never be broken.

With a love-struck Weezdom responding; “I love you more bro. Ukipasua roho yangu, utapata wewe najua”.

To which Bahati asks him to be patient for his gift, asking him whether he prefers a car or a piece of land.

Smitten by the lucrative offer on the table, Weezdom gushes over his boss, opting for land first, then the two can go on vacation together.

A conversation that has raised eyebrows among fans, admitting this ‘brotherly love’ has gone overboard.

Brotherly love? What do you think?