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Watch: Bahati Twerk!ng for Diana


Controversial gospel singer Bahati is always looking for the next thing to do so that he can trend. That’s exactly what happened yesterday. He was trending because of a funny video that has emerged.

The singer is seen twerk!ng for his wife Diana. This is after they were both reported to be allegedly drunk during their Zanzibar staycation. In the new video, Diana is seen sitting on a chair as Bahati twerks for her.

Friends and family are seen in the vicinity as the drama ensues. The video is still on Bahati’s Instagram page and a section of fans isn’t feeling it. Some are wondering whether he is still a gospel artist or just hiding behind the label. A fan actually told him that being a gospel artist was not his thing.

denise_dgn2 I don’t understand Kenya Gospel artist🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s just so confusing

virginiawangui18_ Vituko 😂

__.ugly_niqqur.___ Nataka number ya pedi wako 😂😂😂😂

sir_k.ogola Hahaha…. I love that you leave your life with happiness bro. Warembo wanapenda tu hizi vitu watu huona kama ujinga. The EMB himuselefu…

moccku Christian gospel artists was not your thing😅😍😍😍

Could this video be the final nail on the coffin of Bahat’s gospel career? Could this be the final sign that he is no longer a dedicated gospel artist?

Remember, Willy Paul took the same path. He started off by teasing new secular ways, until of late he is working with [email protected] vixens.

Willy Paul has also been into so much drama lately. He clashed with Shakilla, who in return released a diss track aimed at him. He also got his music deleted on YouTube due to unpaid dues. A few months ago, he threatened to delete his music from a popular streaming service due to meager pay.

Bahati was just dancing for his wife though, should he be crucified for loving his woman. When he posted the video he wrote,  It is Her Night and I will give her whatever she Requests… THERE GOES YOUR LAP DANCE BABY 🤩🤩🤩 #HappyBirthdayDianaBahati

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