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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

“I own a Ksh. 11 million 2-bedroom house”, Shakilla claims

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Controversial socialite Shakilla is now discrediting people who exposed her for being homeless. The 19-year-old ratchet socialite now says that she owns a Ksh. 11 million 2-bedroom house.

In a recent Vlog interview, Shakilla is clearly disputing claims that she has been faking being rich. She says that her experience living in a bedsitter for a week with the Gengeton group was traumatizing.

“Why would you live in a bedsitter? If you are broke, just live in a one bedroom…or a two-room house..actually if me I ever become broke I’ll just go to my parents’ house,” she added.

As for her case, she was asked what kind of house she lives in. Shakilla claimed that she lives in a 2-bedroom all ensuite apartment that goes for 11 million. The controversial wannabe musician clarified that she met someone who bought the house for her…a mzungu sponsor.

“It’s a 2-bedroom, all suite. It’s all furnished…all suite…I met someone who paid for it. It’s actually not being paid for rent, I met someone who paid for it…11 million,” she added.

Here’s the interview…just check it out!

This comes as a shock to many because a week ago, Shakilla’s photos of her wearing a torn t-shirt, while cooking Ugali surfaced.

Now, she is claiming that she is rich. Would you imagine? Do you believe her? Let us know!

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