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Huddah’s savage clapback after a fan claimed she’s a con


Socialite cum business lady is not afraid to fire back at false accusations! Get this right, she will not only embarrass you but make a fool out of you on Instagram where her 2.1 million followers will see.

This week, Huddah set the record straight after a fan identified as Amanda Keke made a claim about Huddah’s perfumes being sold in town. According to the lady, these perfumes are not any different from the usual refill scents you get from CBD shops.

As seen on her post, the lady went on to post saying;

‘Honestly guys, these scents are not different from the normal perfumes za kupima. They are not a true reflection of the actual fragrance of the real perfume and not long lasting. The only upside of this perfume is the packaging only otherwise Don’t waste your money…sadly I wasted mine.’

Huddah responds

After learning of his claim, Huddah clapped back on Instagram, writing;

I don’t joke with these b*tches! When I ask them to send a screenshot of what they bought and where it has affected them they run. Coz the only thing they can AFFORD is HATE! Bad energy stay far away! Yall motivate me to go FURTHER not to STOP!

Seems most of Huddah’s haters have always been women; but come to think of it, her success despite being dubbed as a ‘gardening tool’ makes many quite uncomfortable.