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Video Of 19-Year-Old Humble Bahati Surfaces


You wouldn’t believe it until you saw the video. Controversial gospel star Bahati was 19-years old when he made it on Churchill Live. The “Mapenzi” singer had been in the music industry for 9 months and a Groove Award was already in his bag.

The throwback video that’s trending shows a truly humble Bahati on stage, being introduced by Churchill. He sings his “Mama” song, which is a testimony to how his late mom inspired and nurtured him.

In the video, Churchill praises Bahati, as he drops verse after verse in the form of interludes. You would think it was a church session. As the segment ends, Bahati advises the audience. He tells them that they can be anything they want in life.

“Jua unaweza kuwa anything. Ni kuchange mind, kukuwa transformed. Ina need kuanzia kwa mind…kuwa billionaire kwa mind…itacome in real sense…unaget? So, change your mind…change your mind…” he said that.

He also told the audience that it was his big dream to be on Churchill Live. Little did he know that he would end up being one of the biggest gospel stars in Kenya. That he would end up marrying Diana Marua. Or even buy her a Mercedes Benz for her birthday.

Little did he know that he would have a baby mama by the name Yvette. Or that he would be defending DJ Mo after he was exposed for cheating and Kenyans would call him out. Above all, Bahati never knew that he would discover Weezdom, nurture his talent and that the guy would eventually be his manager. What a journey!

He’s A Testimony That Nothing Is Impossible, He Came From Grass To Grace 🙏, “Thank God For Your Struggles because Without Them, You Wouldn’t have stumbled On Your Strength 💪.

Let This Video Inspire Us.