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The state kidnapped me and threw me in the bush – Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare kidnapped

Controversial blogger Edgar Obare has escaped death by a whisker. In a country where bloggers have traditionally disappeared without a trace, Obare has a lot to be grateful for. Yesterday, he was kidnapped while attending a court hearing.

Things happened so fast that in a few minutes, he was stark [email protected], with his tormentors taking photos of his gen!tals while questioning him why he was exposing celebrities. The blogger has narrated the painful ordeal to his fans.

“I peeked through the mask and realised we were on Thika Road, then we pulled into this blue gate with the words school written on it, here is where we changed cars. I started complaining the cuffs were getting too tight and here is where my captors had the idea to tie my hands behind my back with rope, like an animal, it was very uncomfortable and inhumane,” he revealed.

Much to the shock of his fans, Edgar revealed that the men were now strolling around the vehicle, ‘waiting for orders’. This might have meant that they were being told to either kill him or leave him alive.

“I could see AK47s in the front seat, and I could hear they had a police radio. They also kept taunting me that they would drive me to kisumu to face charges there and asked me which powerful person had I insulted in kisumu,” he added.

This was prior to him being dumped in the bushes before he was rescued by a ‘good samaritan’ who gave him food and clothes.

When I got home, I took pictures of my injuries, and this is how I was tied up. They confiscated everything I had on me, let the authorities stop denying they did this to me and protecting each other. The state kidnapped me and threw me in the bush. I demand justice #endpolicebrutality 😖😭