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Here’s Why Diamond Is Making Babies All Over


In the entertainment industry, the more people talk about you, the more relevant you are. This translates into riches in terms of music sales, events and of course working with brands to sell their products. Diamond knows this very well.

That is why he loves controversy and being talked about. Just the other day, he publicly declared his love for Zuchu. This came as a hint to the thing they have ongoing, but many have dismissed it as a publicity stunt. Despite the fact that Zuchu also appreciated the love, it could just be a way to get her followers.

Diamond and ZuchuThat being said, Diamond has many baby mamas for the same reason; to get as many people as possible talking about him, across different countries. Why are we saying this? Because in a recent radio interview, the “Cheche” crooner opened up about his take on industry beefs.

Simba said that beefs help artists to grow, as long as they do not get personal and involve families.

“Ukitaka sanaa yetu ikuwe lazima tuwe na wivu, lazima tuwe na hizi vitu lakini kwa njia ya kuachana la sivyo watu wata-relax. Watu wasichukulie personal and kuingiza mambo ya familia. Watu washindane kwa vitu kama creativity. Of course watu wataingiza maneno yao lakini bora mjue target yenu,” Diamond said.

The crooner clearly loves controversy. That’s one of the main reasons why he dates, gets babies, and moves on. The other reason is he’s clearly rich and makes billions. Many people joke that he can afford to make a billion babies.

Recently, Diamond has said that he plans to leave wealth for all his children, who he bore with different baby mamas. Despite ignoring Tanasha publicly, he is clearly a good dad to his offspring. Don’t expect Diamond to stop making babies anytime soon.