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Former socialite Vanessa Chettle spotted at cheap drinking den


Former socialite Vanessa Chettle was once a high flying socialite with all the money a woman could ask for. She lived the flashy life, mingled with bigwigs in the media industry and if this is not too much; then just know she dated white men who would help finance her life.

At barely the age of 20 years, this particular lady owned a car, apartment and the hair she wore on her head cost hundreds of thousands; and now life has slapped her differently judging by the popular photo circulating online.

According to reports, a certain Twitter user identified as Abuga Makori recently spotted the socialite drinking Keg at a certain drinking den in Eldoret. Seeing this he approached the lady who later opened up about her life.

Vanessa Chettle narrates downfall
Apparently life changed after breaking up with Mzungu boyfriend as she was forced to go back home. Before everything fell apart she met a boy, fell in love and had her first child with the fella.

Barely 2 years after her first child she welcomed another baby in 2019 with boyfriend again.

However with relationships hitting couples left and right; Vanessa was forced to dump her babies at her late mum’s home where they currently live.

Having wasted her life away, Vanessa still regrets how she handled herself especially now that she has nothing to show as her legacy in the entertainment industry.

She apparently went on to warn upcoming socialites like Shakilla; and Sherlyn Anyango who she thinks should act smart especially now that money is coming their way from all directions.

Unlike before when she rented spacious, classy and cozy apartment; the lass has to cohabit with her university drop out buddy in Eldoret.


Below are a few comments from KOT after the photo went viral leaving most of them shocked at the person she has since become.

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