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Watch fans lick Zodwa WaBantu’s private parts


Out of joy and excitement at the show, fans decided to go deeper and expressed their love for Miss Libram in a bit of a steamy way, and guess what, she did not mind at all!

Mzansi dancer Zodwa Wabantu was licked by her male fans while performing on stage, unfazed by the incident, Zodwa continued with her performances.

Zodwa previously stated that she allows her fans to touch her because she belongs to them, without them she doesn’t exist.

“I am never in danger when I am around my fans, I let them touch and enjoy me because they made me, without fans there is no Zodwa WaBantu brand. That why I frequently take time to kiss them so that they feel the Zodwa in flesh. We value connection with fans”

Watch the video below:

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