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Kamene Goro shows off her gorgeous curves in revealing swimsuit


Kamene Goro recently left thousands of fans stunned after posting a never seen before gorgeous snapshot of herself on social media this past weekend. The bombshell shared the post with her 694k followers on Instagram, and it quickly grew in popularity after team mafisi arrived to ogle the fine body.

The 28 year old is seen posing inside the pool (at the stairs) where she went on to put her body on display; and judging from what we can see…  it’s only fair to thank God for big black women (BBW) as they continue to serve goals on social media.

Ms Goro who is not only known for her fine face but beautiful curves not only displayed her thighs but her b00bs, and trust us when we say that she cannot relate with ‘fallen angel t!ts’ most girls younger than her continue to battle with out here. Someone say Shakilla?

The radio presenter opted for an unusual swimsuit with long revealing plunge neck that tightly hugged her bust, drawing attention to her assets.

We honesty can’t confirm whether she was out to seek attention; but all we know is that fans in the comment section wished she could keep sharing such photos all through.

Anyway if you are one of those people who assume that big b00bs are only attractive in a bra, allow me to reintroduce Kamene Goro to yall!

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