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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

DJ Mo’s sidechick shows off her nasty bedroom skills

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After gaining fame while exposing her escapades with DJ Mo, Margaret seems to have moved on with her life…without gaining much. Apart from the dozen followers she got, nothing much has matured out of the exposé.

The one reeling in distress must be DJ Mo, who is rumored to have lost his TV hosting gig, at least according to Grace Ekirapa. The DJ’s former co-host said that we might not be seeing him on TV anytime soon. He is fixing the mess he got himself into. Imagine your HIV status being revealed to the whole world. Must be traumatizing.

Meanwhile, Margaret is busy being ratchet on Instagram. She has since moved on from just posting twerk videos to actually showing off her bedroom skills. We must admit that she is super flexible! The Bahrain-based celebrity wanna-be took to Instagram stories to show off in a spectacular fashion.

We took a screengrab to just show you how she was busy in action. At some point, she did a split!

How many of you can even do that? Oh, if you can, have some digital drinks on our bill.

Anyways, DJ Mo and Size 8 have fully focused on making money off YouTube. That’s why their videos get millions of views and have some product placements.

They are lucky to be business savvy, as many celebs with millions of followers are still languishing in poverty. They live fake lives. Some like the now popular Shakilla are caving in to societal pressure. She was recently caught faking riches and was later found to be homeless.

Let’s hope that The Murayas won’t get to such a point; and that this big blow to their brand will only make them stronger!

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