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All is well, Zodwa WaBantu is back


All is well again in Zodwa Wabantu land.

She got all her fans worried about her state of mind when she shared a picture of herself dolled-up on Instagram saying how low she felt.

She revealed that she had been and was feeling sad. This was a first from the socialite, as most of her social media posts come with funny captions, dance moves or motivation to keep hustling.

Thursday was quite different she said: “Today I’m Sad. Been Crying Since in the Morning till now.

“In Real Life we Don’t have Real People to Ask Us, Are you okay, did you Eat, what can I do for you, Do you need me? What can I do? We have given so much of ourselves that you don’t even see that I’m not Okay. You only Take from us. We Give Give Give & End up Tired,” she adds (sic).

But on Friday it seems she’s got her groove back. She posted a picture at a grocery store wearing one of her controversial outfits, a bikini top paired with a net skirt. Her caption: “I’m back”.

Some of her fans celebrated her “bounce-back” and expressed their love towards her, while others wished her well for the future.

One follower said: “You are so beautiful OMW and I admire your confidence so much. The outfit was really made for you.”

Whatever happened to the dancer seems to be a thing of the past today.