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Azziad leaves men drooling as she flaunts s.e.x.y summer body


Men will always be men! That’s why Azziad has been leaving them high and dry despite them having girlfriends and wives! The TikTok sensation has gone beyond flashing her s.e.x.y slim waist to flaunting her summer body.

That’s exactly why men can’t get enough of her! We’ve got a hot bik!ni photo from a 1-second video that she posted.

The star is one of the many internet celebrities who have won big this year, thanks to the pandemic. She rose from just having a bunch of followers to the staggering 763k as of today! Despite having controversy over how much she charges to promote brands, Azziad is still rising. Not even Vivianne – who wanted her to collaborate for free – could stop her.

So, after getting her money, she has been spoiling herself. The bik!ni photo actually emerged from her vacation (some call it staycation?) on the Coast. The gorgeous lass, who recently landed an ambassadorship role with the UN is truly balling. While at it, she’s leaving tongues wagging!

Azziad is not the only one who has been making moves though! We told you that Elsa Majimbo worked with Rihanna’s Fenty line. In addition to that, she is currently nominated for the E! People’s Choice awards, alongside big names like Kim Kardashian!

It’s super amazing to see Kenyan content creators doing amazing things and get rewarded for it! Keep it up fam.

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