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Watch as Ruto and Ngunjiri Wambugu face off in Nyeri


Deputy President William Ruto, on Friday, October 30, had a rare face-off with Nyeri town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu during a public meeting held in the legislator’s constituency.

The DP culminated his Friday’s tours in Nyeri town where he made a stop to address his supporters in the area

Wambugu, who is one of Ruto’s sharpest critics made his way to Ruto’s meeting but unlike his colleagues who were part of the convoy, the MP remained in the crowd as he silently followed the speeches.

As the DP was about to conclude his remarks, he acknowledged his critics’ presence, waved at him and appeared to have wanted to allow Wambugu a chance to address the crowd.

However, the crowd jeered and booed in apparent disapproval of the area MP who is a loyal supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Upon realising the constant heckling from the crowd, Ruto diverted his agenda and shifted to speak more on the unity of Kenyans. He advocated for the politics of bringing Kenyans together through the hustler narrative.

Mp Wambugu has, on numerous occasions, called out the Deputy President for various actions. In a recent remark based on Ruto’s visit to the Western region, Ngunjiri admonished the wheelbarrow donations to the youths by Ruto.

In an interview with Citizen TV, Wambugu argued that the late former President Daniel Moi set Ruto up with land when he was younger, and therefore, the DP should also empower youth with something substantial.

“When he (DP Ruto) was a hustler in university he was not given a ‘mkokoteni’ by President Moi, he was given land, why can’t he give these people land so that they can become like him today,” he said.

Ngunjiri also shared sentiments with Jubilee party vice-chair David Murathe that the Deputy President was technically jobless as evidenced by his no show in recent political events.

On Tuesday, September 15, he wrote to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations urging the detectives to launch investigations over remarks made by Deputy President and his allies.

His accusations against Ruto were based on the alleged use of a coded language that had allegedly secret meanings and were meant to incite Kenyans and instigate violence.

The phrases mentioned were Watu Fulani (certain people) and Watu Wengine (other people). The DP and allies have been spotted using the phrases on social media and political events.

Wambugu referred to previous words Madoadoa (spots) and Kwekwe which were reportedly used as political phraseology between 2005 and 2007. The words, he argued became rallying calls for pre and post-election violence in the 2007 General Elections.

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