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Unfiltered Pics of Risper Faith before the liposuction


Risper Faith made a bold move of sharing a video showing the real her without the multiple waist trainers and body shapers she has been wearing to look flawless on social media.

Truth is, behind the curtains she had to deal with her real body; which almost saw her get into depression as she admits to letting herself go. Well it happens, mostly after giving birth and heavy eating Mtoto apate maziwa; and then poof, the weight hits later when one is not even expecting it.

According to Risper Faith this is what happened and in her case; she blames it on breastfeeding as she did not want to diet for her son’s sake. Mmmh… how about staying away from the bacon, sausages and carbs like other mums with elastic bodies?

Anyway, this is not an article bashing the former socialite; but we shall use this as an example as to why most young girls should stop believing everything they see on social media.

Well, apart from the skin tone looking darker than the one we are used to on Instagram; it’s no secret that staying home to raise her son changed her entire look. Again it happens, so no pressure.

However it is sad that Risper has been posting edited photos, probably making mums in her shoes feel some type of way; when all along deep down she wasn’t even happy with herself.

But since money can buy almost everything in today’s world; the yummy mummy gets to have her dream body in less than a month. And you? Don’t let these celebrities get to you!