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Patricia Kihoro Teases Men In S.E.X.Y Bik!ni

Patricia Kihoro 3

It is not every day that most people get the chance to see their favourite celebrities in their best elements.

While most celebrities would expose their private lives, some are private and prefer their peace of mind away from the limelight.

Former TPF contestant Patricia Kihoro is among the Kenyan celebrities who loves keeping her issues, rather lifestyle under wraps.

She is also known for being a reserved girl who always rocks decent clothes that do not expose her body parts.

However, the beautiful mamacita on Thursday, stunned her fans after stepping out in a s.e.x.y bikini.

The lass shared a couple of photos of herself basking in the sun in Malindi where she is currently holidaying.

Her bik!ni was so revealing that she paraded acres of skin and succulent thighs.

‘’Today is the most “take me back” I have felt since I came back from Lamu. The mostest. I’m fighting back tears because I wanna go back so bad. Nilirudi tu haki msinicheke!,’’ the caption on the photos read in part.

Many of her fans, specifically men who sighted the photo could not help but lust and gush over her non stop.

Quite a number wished they were her lover so they could taste and enjoy all the goodness that comes with her.