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Willis Raburu’s Manhood Sparks Wild Reactions


It’s no secret that men from Western Kenya are known for their big manhood and Willis Raburu has been representing. A little too well.

The ‘Kalale’ singer recently shocked fans with a picture that showed off his pen!s print. The picture drove fans into a frenzy with many of them commenting about how well-endowed he is. One of the fans even told him to tame his manhood as it keeps popping up in his pictures.

Na uadress ile storo ya mjulus kusimama beyond recognition,” read a comment from a fan. Willis had a cheeky reply to this commented and insinuated that he is quite loaded and he didn’t have an erect!on like many thought.

“Haikuwa imesimama bro ingesimama Kenya yote kungekosa stima,” read his reply.

Check out some comments from fans:

Chegebrenda: Pesa kidogo na mjulubeng haitaki kulala…kalale

_its_carey: I swear I won’t zoom this pic🙄😂

Victormatage: Kidogo kidogo Willis julus challenge

wayne_nyanduko: 😂😂😂😭i just can’t unsee what I’ve seen😭😂 just take away my sight😂😂😭🤦

ochegoesther: Na hiyo nini ni kubwa sana

rachel.annie.33: Mutiso naye amesimama

stepper_mavunde: Photographer was in a bikini i guess

a.y.a.b.e.i: Kumbe umebeba 😂😂😂😂😂

i_am_vitalis2019:Eeewoh that mjulubeng, nime surrender

simply_ma_maddie: I’m dedicating KALALE to your niniyo 🍆
Inanisuffocate!!! Insniaffect!!! Inanichoke!!!

Aggreybukachibukachi: It seems u don’t like boxers

mokky_jnr: Bazuuu umembao hii asubuhi yote😂😂😂😂

nyawira.margaret: We can see what we love seeing

peninah.james: Waaaaaoh bazu rada????🙈🙈🖍️🖍️💄that mjulubeng inaua sana.