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Size 8 forewarns DJ Mo against impregnating her


DJ Mo broke the bank to celebrate his breathtaking wife on their 7th wedding anniversary, until the topic of having a third child came up and the two could not agree.

The parents to two adorable children have been divided whenever the topic of a third child comes up, having lost their baby in a miscarriage that tested their love for each other.

During their staycation at the Kenyan coast, DJ Mo revealed to fans his intentions to get his wife pregnant again, for a third child.

Word has since reached Size 8, who has come out to forewarn her hubby against impregnating her, because she is just not ready for the journey.

During their recent vlog, the gospel songbird narrated how both her deliveries traumatized her, having to deliver her babies through a CS, after developing complications.

Sadly, she lost her mother, barely hours after delivering her first child Ladashabelle Wambo, never to attend her mom’s burial because of her high blood pressure and her fresh wound, after the CS.

Then was baby number 2, who she miscarried in 2018, that nearly broke her marriage with husband, DJ Mo.

Finally, the pair was blessed with baby number 3, Muraya Junior in November 2019 whose delivery nearly cost the mother her life. With her newborn having to spend days in the ICU, who she calls her ‘miracle baby’.

So now, anything to do with child birth is a no-go zone for the mother of 2 who has gone through so much when it comes to pregnancies.

As the pair beautifully marked their 7th anniversary with a romantic staycation in Nanyuki, DJ Mo sweetly asked his wife for baby number 3, who warned;

“Apana! Wacha tukae pamoja lakini watoto wametosha. Usijaribu kunipea mtoto mwingine.”

Leaving a desperate-looking DJ Mo speechless. Watch and tell us what you think;