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BBNaija’s Erica out with new movie #MercyMercy


It’s been barely 48 hours since Big Brother Naija’s lockdown season contestant Erica Nlewedim announced the launch of her YouTube channel, and right off the box, we can confidently say that this is a huge win for the ex-reality TV star.

Since then, she’s managed to amass 14,000 subscribers, and her first video, a reenactment of a scene from the popular hit TV series House of Cards, has gotten over 34,000 views already.

Her second video though is of more interest as it shows in full, the actresses’ true ability to take on the big screen. The video is a short film she featured in prior to becoming a Big Brother Naija housemate, and centres around the theme of emotional manipulation.

If you haven’t watched this movie and you plan to do sometime in the future, this may be a good time to stop reading this article as contains spoilers. Go watch the film and come back to reading.

The story follows the last days of Celeste a character played by Erica, the Twin sister of Mercy, also played by Erica, who was emotionally blackmailed into smuggling drugs in order to get her sister out of trouble. Mercy who in turn was being manipulated by her boyfriend was forced to deal with the loss of her sister, as a drug-smuggling mishap causes some unknown substance to bust on the insides of her sister Celeste, flooding her bloodstream and killing her instantly.

Touching on an important issue, the short film already promised to be at the very least interesting. However, we have seen films addressing social issues turning out to be uninteresting.

Erica’s delivery as both characters showcased her versatility her ability to deliver thought-provoking theatrics, and soak the audience into what she wants you to feel at the time. She was surprisingly good, as the word surprisingly in this context is used to express how she surpassed the already high expectation that was had of her.

Entering the Big Brother house, Erica never deviated from her acting passion using any opportunity she gets to iterate. This movie not only reminds us that she is an actor first before a reality TV star, but it also lets us know that she is actually a really talented actress and not just an ex-housemate looking to dabble into acting and see how it goes.

Her YouTube channel is a huge win, especially if she continues to use it to display her acting prowess. It could be a stepping stone into a career that could land her a spot in a Hollywood movie someday, who knows.