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Diana Marua shares her experience as a side chick

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Diana Marua has seen it all and just like most young girls, she lived the wild youthful life that saw her get attached to a married man. Speaking through her YouTube show, Marua for the first time went on to talk about her life in the past and some of things she did to survive.

Apparently back in the day, Diana Marua dated several men to support her lifestyle and also pay her bills. This is because she had no job – but being a pretty hustler, she used what she had to get what she wanted.

According to Marua she had a guy to pay her rent, another to take care of her clothes and shopping; and now another one to support her financially.

However looking back, Marua says that this may have been caused by the tough life she lived while growing up; for this reason she made it her mission to never lack a day in her life.

Well, since there has been rumors linking Marua to a number of popular guys in the entertainment industry, it seems like the lady has finally started coming out slowly.

In her latest video the lady confesses to dating a married man who was ready to wife her on the side. According to Marua, this certain man loved her to a point of wanting to settle with her; but this is not the life she had been hoping to have.

Marua went on to add that the guy confessed that he would not leave his wife for her; but gave her an option of living on the side as he was ready to give her a house under her name and also a car.

However, Marua says just when she thought all was lost and her life was that of a side chick; Bahati popped into her life!


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