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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Bahati’s baby mama fights back trolls

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Yvonne Obura popularly known as Bahati’s baby mama is sick and tired of the trolls and she is now fighting back.

The curvy business owner disclosed that the online drama has exhausted her and she just wants to be left alone.

“I grew a thick skin but I am still human. I have feelings,” Yvette said on her Instagram page.

She went on to reveal that most of her attackers are women.

“It’s always the females. Why do you feel the need of attacking other females? Some of you females, if you don’t love someone unfollow them. I don’t follow people I don’t like so that they can’t get on my nerves. If I don’t like people, I don’t follow them. Be like me if I don’t like you, I don’t follow you. Just block me for your peace and sanity. I am not a celebrity I am living my life, running my race just respect that,” Yvette said.

She was also puzzled by how people attack her like she has forced them to follow her.

“Mniache…Those who love me well and good those who don’t love me and are still following me why are you doing that? Unfollow me. I haven’t placed a gun to your head. If you are following me and still being rude to me jitoe brathe. It’s so easy. Allow everyone to live his or her life peacefully, let people be,” Mama Mueni added.

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