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Ruth Matete welcomes a baby girl

Ruth Matete

There is a new mum in town, her name Ruth Matete.

The gospel singer welcomed a baby girl a few days ago after the baby came early due to her mother’s blood pressure.

Ruth named the baby Toluwa Apewajoye after welcoming the baby at Ruai Family Hospital on the 19th of October 2020. She had earlier revealed that they chose the name with her late husband before his untimely demise. If she got a boy, his name would have been Joshua Toluwa Apewajoye and if it was a girl, her name would be Joana Toluwa Apewajoye.

Speaking to Word Is on Friday morning the baby’s grandpa Abel Amunga was elated with the new addition to the Amunga family.

“I have been a grandpa before because I have raised my late sister’s kids and they have children but it wasn’t as great as it is right now coming from my very own flesh and blood. I am a proud grandpa,” he said.

He also disclosed that an emergency CS was performed to save the baby and mother as Ruth’s blood pressure had skyrocketed.

“She had high blood pressure and in order to save both the mother and the child, the doctor recommended a premature CS be done which was successful and both are safe and healthy. Ruth was expecting her baby in mid-November but the baby came three weeks earlier. The doctors tried to push it up to around 37 weeks but it was not possible,” he shared.