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Nobody is pushing homose-xuality down your throat – Mpenzi


In a country where homose-xuality is not welcome, the topic is utterly taboo. That’s why popular gay man @_mpenzi had to move to Germany, where he could practice his rights freely. He commands over 25k followers on Instagram.

He did not want anyone to interfere with his life, at all. Through his IG account, he campaigns for gay rights incessantly, and in as much as people don’t want to engage in this issue, he still has a lot to say.

“My fellow Kenyans, nobody is pushing homose-xuality down your throats. If you like tea, enjoy your tea. If you like coffee, enjoy your coffee. Those who love cold lemonade, let them have their lemonade,” he defended his stand.

The guy isn’t controversial, just vocal. In fact, he recently told Size 8 that she is mad for fasting so that her husband DJ Mo could stop cheating. He also said that her ‘spiritual father’ is also mad. By the way, @_mpenzi is friends with DJ Mo’s side chick.

This time around, his open-mindedness takes the gay topic to another level.

“The hypocrisy is nauseating. Some of you on this facebook streets enjoy [email protected] s.e.x just as they enjoy [email protected] s.e.x. Some of you are closeted and down low. You are married or ‘straight’ in the open but you are eating your fellow male or female friend’ in secret,” he added.

The reason why we are saying the topic is sensitive is that Ringtone has repeatedly accused his fellow gospel artists of being gay. One such instance is when he ‘ousted’ Bahati and Masterpiece. He then went ahead to threaten Xtian Dela, saying that he will pray to God so that gay men can [email protected] Dela. That being said, what’s your take?