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Kate Actress Accused Of Photoshopping Her Hips

Catherine Kamau

Former Mother In Law actress Catherine Kamau, known to many as Kate Actress is one of the most beautiful actresses in Kenya.

The lass is not only hot but is also blessed with a derriere for days which has always kept men on her trail.

The actress recently shared a photos of herself in a red dress looking all s.e.x.y and curvy.

Looking at the photos, you can clearly tell she is curvaceous with a body to die for.

Well, while she looked amazing in her dress, some of her fans noticed something that was off with the photos.

Some noticed the actress had photo shopped the pics to give herself huge bulging hips.

Many people lauded her for her great curves and edges and pretended not to have seen the manipulations in the photo

Fans think she photoshopped her photo.

Quite a number of people noted the ‘’fake hips’’ and could not keep calm about it.

A major troll she found herself in as some fans mauled her online for trying so hard to show off curves that she does not really have.

vincentvidrant 😂😂😂😂😂 mwambie umecheza na app adi mkono ikafwata
hellen.njuu vle ata edit mpaka mkono inajikunja

Being the hard nut she is, Kate told off people who attacked her for faking huge hips.

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