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Is Akothee pregnant with baby number 6?


Singer Akothee could be pregnant with her 6th baby but we cannot confirm this just by looking at the video shared on her IG page, where she is seen rocking a possible baby bump.

Although chances are that this is yet another pregnancy that she has been keeping on the low; one can’t help but wonder who is the lucky guy that managed to tame Akothee. For a while now, the singer has not introduced any of her lovers on social media – and being one who is an over sharer we really didn’t expect this.

However the video uploaded on her page shows what appears to be a growing bump; and since pregnancy can never be concealed we might have to give it time before we confirm this.

At some point, Akothee is heard talking about people concluding on what can be seen on the video; meaning her intentions was actually to inform fans about the bump. To caption this post, Akothee went on to write;

“don’t get offended when people are winning 💋🤣🤣 Not every advice is genuine ,some people cover their jealousy inside ,”it’s just my. 2 cent opinion” then keep it ,we don’t want cheap advices 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

Anyway check out the video shared by Akothee below: