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Bahati MP Carries Rungu to Press Conference, To Take on Odinga


Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri on Thursday, October 22 walked into a press conference with a rungu to take on former Prime Minister Raila Odinga over his Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) remarks.

Ngunjiri hit out at Odinga after he noted that the ‘snake’ is finally out while receiving the BBI report on Wednesday, October 21 at the Kisii State Lodge.

The MP carried a rungu while issuing his response to Odinga’s remarks on the BBI, noting that he is ready to reject the BBI report at all costs.

“Raila has said that the BBI is out like a snake, a snake’s venom is very dangerous. I want us to unite and defend ourselves.

“I’m ready to hit the snake for it to return back to the hole, those were his own words and we are just responding to what he said,” noted Ngunjiri.

He added that the report contains smirks of blackmail, enticement and does not address issues affecting ordinary Kenyans.

Ngunjiri is a staunch follower of Deputy President William Ruto who was conspicuously missing as President Uhuru Kenyatta and Odinga received the report.

The MP urged the President and Raila to enforce some of the changes in the BBI like issuing a seven-year tax waiver to the youth without going through constitutional reforms.

“Kenyans are being lied to if they want to help the youth as they say they will get a seven years tax waiver, why don’t they do it now?

“Why promise them so that you pass the constitution, you are conning Kenyans. We need not to wait for tomorrow,” he added.

According to the MP, Odinga and Uhuru have copied Ruto’s campaign strategies after meeting boda boda operators in Kisii on Wednesday.

Back in September, the DP met boda boda riders in Kisii town before moving to South Mugirango constituency for a meeting with women groups.

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