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Zari Hassan’s Unexpected Response to Hamisa’s Confession

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Last week, Hamisa Mobetto shook the table by confessing that she got pregnant for Diamond Platnumz four times while he was still with Zari.

“…Kabla nimzae Dylan niliwai kupata ujauzito. Three pregnancies ambapo nilipata ujauzito wa kwanza ulitoka, tulisafiri sijui tunaenda nchi gani mimba ikatoka bahati mbaya. Nikaja nikapata ya pili, ikatoka, ya tatu ikatoka. Ni period ambayo tulikuwa Pamoja. Dylan alikuwa mimba ya nne,” she said on Wasafi FM’s The Switch show.

In addition, she addressed her ongoing beef with Diamond’s mum which was said to have been ignited by Hamisa calling the paparazzi on her when she had gone to see Hamisa in hospital. Miss Mobetto claimed that she had just undergone CS so she didn’t have the energy nor time for that.

“I had just given birth through cs and there’ no woman after undergoing operation with all that pain would think about calling media,” Hamisa said.

This damning interview didn’t go down well with Mama Dangote who made it clear that she is not interested in establishing a relationship with Hamisa or her son.

Diamond Platnumz and mother“Ukoo wetu unatutosha jamani! Mtu analazimisha ukoo vipi? Ebu nisaidieni kisheria ukoo unalazimishiwa?” she posted on Instagram.

All this while, people have been waiting to see how Zari would respond to the drama since Hamisa’s confession was very hurtful because no woman wants to hear that their man was actively trying to impregnate their side chic,

She surprised many by a recent post where she indicated in a few words that she is unbothered and relaxing.

Sharing a picture taken with her daughter Tiffah by the pool, Zari wrote, “Vile tunazicheki drama kwa mbaaaali…”