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More Drama as DJ Mo’s Side Chick Claims Her Friend Leaked Info To Bloggers


Margaret Wanyama, the curvaceous lady who cheated with gospel deejay, DJ Mo has changed tunes and now claims she has never been in any intimate relationship with the entertainer

Wanyama, in a convo with blogger Edgar Obare sought to clear her name as she begged Kenyans to stop spreading reports that she was in an illicit affair with DJ Mo.

According to the lass, the s.e.x scandal and the cheating were all choreographed by her former friend who faked everything all in a bid to taint DJ Mo and her name.

The curvy mamacita insisted her friend photoshoped the video and screenshots which have now hurt her reputation

Wanyama disclosed that the friend known as Anyango was bitter because she had failed to snatch a man from her and therefore chose to ruin her reputation with the cheating scandal.

She added that she had given the friend her Instagram password months before the scandal emerged and this may have jeopardized her account, giving Anyango the window to soil her name.

Wanyama also used the opportunity to come out clean and claim she has never slept with DJ Mo and that they are only friends.

She claims everything said about her and Mo were all lies and there was nothing she could do because she was not in control of her account when the scandal broke.

Well, it is not yet clear if she is being honest or just trying to do damage control but as it is with everything under the sun, only time will tell.