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DJ Mo’s sidechick plans to expose him further and Kenyans are just not interested

DJ Mo and his side chick

Apparently, there’s more information Kenyans need to hear about the viral saga of DJ Mo cheating on Size 8 according to the lady behind the whole drama.

The lady going by the name Margaret Wanyama who lives in Bahrain surprised many early this month after claiming she has been cheating with DJ Mo since 2016 and even got pregnant for him but had to abort.

Margaret has now come out to say that she’s planning to expose the DJ even further and will go live come November 1st to reveal the whole story.

Not many, however, seem interested.

Kenyans have been suspecting the whole cheating scandal was cooked to further Mo and Size 8’s online careers.

Just days after the scandal rocked the internet, Size 8 and her family traveled to the coast to celebrate their seventh marriage anniversary like nothing ever happened.

This left many convinced that it was all staged.

Margaret took over the internet after claiming she had casual s.e.x with DJ Mo for over 4 years and that DJ Mo said all sorts of horrible things about Size 8 while they were at it, claiming she is actually not as young as you probably thought.