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Grace Ekirapa ended her relationship a week after the wedding


The entertainment industry is filled with stories of short-lived marriages that include Betty Kyallo’s and Eunice Njeri’s marriages.

Now NTV presenter Grace Ekirapa has admitted to breaking up with her fiancé a week after their traditional wedding. Miss Ekirapa got married in a traditional ceremony in March 2018 ahead of her white wedding in April 2018 but they never made it to the altar.

The dashing TV host revealed that she decided to call things off because she felt that it was too rushed and it was not according to God’s plans.

“I realized I was going to make a big mistake; I was going to get into something I hadn’t thought through. It wasn’t God’s idea for me. I was going to get into something and hurt someone who did not need to be hurt. The guy was in love (with me). He was my very good friend, but (I felt) we were not going to be okay as a married couple,” she disclosed on Switch TV’s Chatspot.

“The week after my traditional wedding, I had a conversation with God. I said: ‘I can lie to everybody, but I cannot lie to myself and I cannot lie to God’. I took a break for two days and went to pray. In my prayer, I told God: ‘Give me only one of these two answers: either you tell me that you would give me so much love for this guy; that I would go back knowing that this is it, or you give me the confidence to go and break it off,” Ekirapa revealed.

God told her to end things and she knew it was the right thing to do because she knew things weren’t going to work out and she could never love him the way he deserved to be loved.

Following news of their breakup, there was a lot of backlash but Grace stuck to her guns. “Thereafter, hell broke loose! I got backlash from everyone, I was called all kinds of names, my social media [pages] were blowing up. People did not understand, but they had an opinion. If God knew that people’s opinions would matter [in life], He would create us with a blank page on our backs, and a pen hanging so that everywhere you walk, someone can write something he or she thinks of you on your back,” the NTV host divulged.

Aside from the criticism, there was a lot of emotional turmoil and Grace locked herself in her house crying unable to eat and sleep. However, with time she found healing and hopefully, her ex-fiancé did too.